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  Charles G. Garlisi, Ph.D.
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Charles G. Garlisi, Ph.D.
Vice President, Scientific Affairs

Charles Garlisi, Ph.D., joined Hurley Consulting in 2016 as Vice President, Scientific Affairs. He has over twenty-five years’ pharmaceutical industry experience in multiple therapy areas, target classes, and assay modalities. He has a proven track record of interacting with various functions and with investigators across international borders. He has led or contributed to projects from target identification to clinical development and through marketing application.

At Hurley Consulting, Dr. Garlisi is responsible for nonclinical research activities. He directs and manages scientists involved in the interpretation and evaluation of non-clinical research data in the areas of biology, physiology, pharmacology, and toxicology. Dr. Garlisi ensures correct and appropriate analysis and interpretation of nonclinical results and project appropriate data review. He oversees the preparation of nonclinical summary documents and study reports and provides input on nonclinical study design. Dr. Garlisi participates in the development of project timelines, prioritizes and delegates tasks to project teams, and provides status updates as projects progress.

Before joining Hurley Consulting, Dr. Garlisi was a Director of In Vitro Pharmacology at Merck Research Laboratories. In this capacity, he led a team responsible for cell pharmacology support of discovery antibacterial, antiviral, vaccine, and Neglected Tropical Diseases projects at Merck. Dr. Garlisi began his professional career at Schering-Plough Research Institute and progressed to a Biological Research Fellow. He has contributed in the areas of immunology, allergy, inflammation, and infectious diseases.

Dr. Garlisi holds a doctoral degree in biochemistry from The Pennsylvania State University and a bachelor’s degree in biology from St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY. He was a postdoctoral fellow in immunology at Schering-Plough Research Institute. Dr. Garlisi has authored or co-authored over 40 journal articles, and has presented at many professional conferences.




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